The Thompsons on DVD from Lionsgate


Following a successful premiere and great response at Film4 FrightFest this year, The Thompsons DVD and soundtrack has been released by Lionsgate. The film has also earned great reviews and an excellent fan response so be sure to pick up your copy!

Both myself and Mark Strange are heavily featured in the DVD special features discussing how we constructed the movie's fight scenes, so check it out.

(From the DVD) "In The Butcher Brothers' award-winning original film, 'The Hamiltons' were a dysfunctional, orphaned family struggling in sunny suburbia. On the outside, they appeared normal enough but they harbored a very dark secret...the need to drink blood in order to survive. In this action-packed sequel, a bloodbath at a gas station in the desert puts the family on the run, eventually seeing them resurface in the U.K. with a new identity as "The Thompsons." Desperate for protection in this unfamiliar country, the Thompsons seek out the help of a shadowy underground rumored to be sympathetic to vampires."