Confine at Raindance Film Festival

New psychological thriller Confine has been nominated for 'Best UK Feature' at the Raindance Film Festival 2012! I had a great time stunt coordinating this and working with a talented team.

"Director and screenwriter Tobias Tobbell has created a tense, claustrophobic thriller with a talented and stylish young cast. We find anxious former model Pippa (Daisy Lowe) pottering around in her spacious London flat in four-inch heels, supported by a walking stick. It is clear that she has been through a lot, but she is about to go through a whole lot more.

Having been facially disfigured, Pippa lives a sheltered life alone in her home which, though attractive, is unmistakably representative of her isolation and solitude. Routine however, soon gives way to uncertain chaos with the arrival of confident crook Kayleigh. (Eliza Bennett). As Kayleigh casually roams the flat we are left to speculate who is at the other end of her phone, and whether this sweet-voiced intruder is willing to make use of the gun that she carries in order to get what she wants..."