Filming Wrapped on Hood



I was very pleased to be asked by friend Okorie Chukwu to come onboard for his directorial debut, Hood, a gritty short film set in the urban metropolis of London. I worked as assistant fight choreographer and played a member of the Fallen Angels gang, essentially a bad guy - though I also got to stalk and kidnap a woman before getting into a 3-on-1 fight with the hero, so there was plenty for my villain to do!

The scenes I was involved in were shot over a tough 12 hour night-shoot, so while it was pretty tiring it was still a lot of fun and I think we really put something bold and ambitious together. I haven't seen the rushes yet but I'm sure the results will be positive and I was very impressed with everyone, particularly the fight team we assembled.

Hood is a Sahara Road/Ghostfoot production and will be released soon through festivals.