Chuck Norris - Beard To The Bone



"Chuck Norris doesn't have a beard on his face. Chuck Norris' beard has a face."

This one's just for fun!

Any action cinema fan would admit holding a fondess for at least a handful of Chuck Norris movies. Aside from the obvious reference to Way of the Dragon (a Bruce Lee classic, but not nearly enough Chuck!) over the years Mr Norris made a vast range of ass-kicking action flicks to keep genre fans happy. Interestingly, kicking off his acting career with the rugged, clean-shaven look in the early-mid 1970s, the new-to-cinema Chuck would adopt a slow but progressive increase in manly hair to match his increasingly ass-whooping and relentless on-screen persona. Coincidence? I think not!

Here are some examples:


Clean-Shaven: The Early Years

In his most youthful, Chuck sported the fashionable blonde mop, 1970s sideburns and exposed chest-hair to woo the ladies and let every villain know who was boss. His methods fighting back were just as unforgiving but focused more on the tense drama and underlying sense of mystique he carried, as seen in films like Breaker! Breaker! and An Eye For An Eye.

chuck2Phase 2: Bring On The 'Tache

Proving you didn't need to be a butler or snooty English villain to whip out the moustache, Chuck conquered some truly monstrous bad guys with a trend-setting late 1970s/early 1980s slither of style. You can see his badass-o-meter crank up a few notches in classics like Silent Range, Forced Vengeance and one of my personal favourites, Good Guys Wear Black.


Beard To The Bone: Show No Mercy

The evolution of the Chuck Norris we know and love was arguably cemented when his renowned beard hit the screen - and for arch-villains everywhere, judgement day had arrived. Igniting some of his most explosive films ever (and undoubtedly some of the most insane action movies of the 1980s), Chuck and his beard left behind a trail of destruction in titles like the Delta Force and Missing in Action series, Code of Silence and Invasion USA.

Reaching his peak, Chuck rightly continued this trend into countless projects of the 1990s and beyond, even sporting his trademark style in the hugely popular Walker, Texas Ranger television series. Granted, this may have been a slightly unusual look at the evolution of Mr Norris' massively impressive career, but the message is simple - Chuck is the man!