The Chocolate Wrapper (Short) (2014)


Company: Strawberry Corpse

Directed by Murat Kebir

Stunt coordinator: Mike Fury

Cast: Dilek Sengul, Taser Hassan, Kennedy Mills, Aaron Gordon

Synopsis: Elif and her brother Evren’s routine drive home ends in tragedy when they are caught in a fatal confrontation over a chocolate wrapper.

South London, August 2007. Inspired by a true event. When Elif picks up her brother Evren from the park, after his weekly session coaching the youth football team, she has no idea her life is about to change forever. When she stops at the traffic lights, a chocolate wrapper is thrown into their car. As a result of her brother confronting the teenagers responsible, a knife is brandished by one of the youths and Evren is violently punched to the ground. Having witnessed the sudden and unjust death of her brother, Elif is left to adapt to a harsh reality. She knows she has to accept that her beloved brother is gone.

In spite of the pain, Elif eventually manages to build up the courage to enter Evren’s room. There she is reminded of the enduring energy and spirit of her brother’s short life in his belongings left behind. A newly discovered photo takes her on a journey towards remembering the light her brother brought into other people’s lives.

FilmographyMike Fury