Confine (2013)


Company: Two Bells Productions/Cork Films

Director: Tobias Tobbell

Stunt coordinator: Mike Fury

Cast: Daisy Lowe, Eliza Bennett, Alfie Allen

Synopsis: Pippa (Daisy Lowe) is a physically and emotionally scarred former model living as a recluse in her meticulous Georgian flat. When a heist taking place in the same building goes wrong, Pippa’s home is broken into by the charismatic Kayleigh (Eliza Bennett, Sweet/Vicious, Strike Back).

Pippa is taken hostage by this unpredictable and volatile thief who’s looking for a temporary hideout, but when outside forces close in, Kayleigh takes a darker path to get her way. As the confined space becomes a fighting ring, in a tense struggle to get out Pippa learns how to stand up for herself once again. Also-starring Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones, John Wick).

Winner of over 10 international awards.

FilmographyMike Fury