Ti Lung Birthday Tribute


To celebrate the birthday of Shaw Brothers icon Ti Lung, along with a host of others writers I shared some favourite movies from his vast career. Thanks to Shaolin Chamber 36 for asking me to contribute.

"Ti Lung is an action icon in the truest sense. In fact, listing his best kung fu flicks is extremely tough because there are so many greats, just as you’d expect from someone whose career was forged at the iconic Shaw Brothers studios. I also happen to love his later action and gunplay movies so it’s a shame to leave them out in any list. A Better Tomorrow (1986) is my number one John Woo film, and City War (1988) is still great, but these were the rules! For anyone exploring his wuxia work for the first time, or even seasoned fans going back through the vaults, here are my personal choices from his kung fu repertoire..."

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