Carl Weathers' Greatest Hits


Mr Carl Weathers is, without doubt, one of the coolest, toughest, most underrated legends to grace the screen. With such a vast body of work to his name, new and long-time fans, alike, would love to see a massive return from the real-life Action Jackson. Here are some of Carl's best moments...

1. as Apollo Creed in Rocky - Rocky IV

Apollo was truly the man: in the beginning he was a great adversary to our underdog hero and by the end, he was Rocky's friend and mentor. No one else could have embodied the flash, style, confidence and down-to-earth spirit of this fighter!

2. as Sgt. Jericho Jackson in Action Jackson

Carl had the opportunity to take centre stage in this ballsy, riotous and hugely underrated action outing from 1988. See Carl take on the villains and kick serious ass in an all-round great action-flik with an excellent supporting cast to boot!

3. as Dillon in Predator

Predator is a timeless classic of 1980s cinema and remains one of the most popular Schwarzenegger films of all time. Lets not forget Carl was right alongside him, initially bickering over mission objectives before finally sticking together when they find themselves in the Predator's crosshairs!

4. as Adam Beaudreaux in Street Justice

Playing a former soldier turned cop, Carl teams up with Bryan Genesse to take down criminals using their hands and feet in one of the most underrated action-genre television series of the early 1990s. Completing two seasons, the show was a cult hit with fans and offered strong insight into the duo's onscreen fighting styles.

5. as Colonel Samuel Garrett in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Carl had the opportunity to deliver his distinctive voice talents playing the badass Colonel Garrett in this hit video game. Aside from destroying entire towns and landcapes, players had the opportunity to take missions and orders from Carl's computer-generated character! What more do you want?