The Warriors: Interview with Michael Beck


This April, the cast of 1979 cult classic The Warriors makes their way to the UK for the first time, an unmissable event for fans. It was an honour and pleasure to interview leading man Michael Beck for this, my favourite film, on behalf of MMA Uncaged Magazine.

Still a landmark of action cinema, director Walter Hill’s stylised masterpiece remains a favourite all over the world. Engrained in pop culture, it has been referenced in TV shows like The Simpsons, Black Dynamite and Luke Cage and quoted or sampled in music by Wu-Tang Clan, Twisted Sister, Biohazard and Lizzies. It was also the subject of the hit 2005 video game from Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games and a TV adaptation from Captain America directors The Russo Brothers is in development. In short, the Warriors are here to stay.

With a talented young cast fronted by Michael Beck, the story (inspired in part by Greek history) follows Coney Island gang, the Warriors, who are wrongly accused of murdering a charismatic gang leader during a meeting. With rival gangs and the cops on their tail the Warriors must fight their way from the Bronx all the way home to Coney.


Leading the charge, classically trained actor Michael Beck faced an uphill struggle to even be considered for the movie. Fortunately, through a twist of fate, he would embark on one of the toughest shoots of his career, playing a major role in one of the best loved cult films of all time.

UK Conclave brings the gang to our home turf for a special celebration at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham on 1st and 2nd April 2017. To coincide with this event, Michael Beck shares his memories shooting this timeless movie and its famous action scenes.

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