The Blog Starts Here!


I setup this site with the aim of showcasing my work across all the various platforms and lines of communication I find myself involved in. Its a nice opportunity to collate my work into one, central place and hopefully some people may be interested in checking out what I'm doing next. There's a lot of interesting stuff happening across the film industry and not just in Far Eastern Asia. With the launchpad of action cinema (and occasionally venturing into indie and arthouse) it is my aim to explore films that really raise the filmmaking bar and deserve to be seen. From a fan's point of view, it can also be useful to revisit the old-skool classics from any given genre, many of which continue influencing our favourite movies today.

As a starting point, I recently re-watched Legend of a Fighter. This 1982 Yuen Woo-ping martial arts outing stars Leung Kar Yan (or Beardy, as he's commonly known) in one of the best films of his impressive career. The film is a partial homage to Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, taking many elements from Lee's original, including the dramatic tone which famously underpinned the dynamic fight sequences. The same is true with Legend of a Fighter and any kung fu fans who haven't yet seen the film are strongly advised to seek it out. Coincidentally, I've just completed a feature on the career of Leung Kar Yan, due to be published in the next issue of Jade Screen, so more on that soon.

Until next time!