Terracotta's Classic Kung Fu Collection

Terracotta Distribution is going from strength to strength with the next release in their relatively new "Classic Kung Fu Collection" already announced. The label has been filling something of a void right now, unearthing forgotten gems from the vaults of late night Kung Fu cinema, and in some cases giving these titles official DVD releases for the very first time!

Previous releases include Hero of Shaolin (starring Alexander Lo Rei) and The Shanghai 13 (starring Jimmy Wang Yu and Andy Lau). The third title in this collection is the newly released The King of Fists and Dollars, an underrated Taiwanese release from 1979.

Featuring a legendary Shaw Bros cast, this latest title features Danny Lee (The Killer), David Chiang (Blood Brothers) and Chao Hsiung (Five Fingers of Death) in an action-packed tale of rebellion as the Iron Fist King takes on a ruthless tyrant, back by his students, in a brutal battle to save a desperate community.

All in all, this is great news for Kung Fu aficionados and an opportunity to add these movies to your collection. While we are fortunate enough to get the occasional (new) Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen release on Blu-ray and DVD, fans will know all-too-well how this certainly isn't a regular thing. With labels like Hong Kong Legends and Dragon Dynasty no longer doing business, it has become increasingly difficult to pick up official, quality copies of these older movies.

Now, particularly for fans of old-school, late night Kung Fu cinema, Terracotta's "Classic Kung Fu Collection" provides a new platform (one of the few of its kind right now) to get your hands on these films. So let's be sure to support them and hopefully keep this momentum going!

If you haven't yet picked up these titles for yourself, be sure to update the collection!

The King of Fists and Dollars is out now on DVD. You can find out more and order it here.