Sex and Serial Killers: A Brief Guide to Category III Horror

This was originally written back in 2010 to be featured in a (sadly) discontinued new book on horror cinema from around the world. I wrote this short chapter to give genre fans an insight into the crazy world of Hong Kong's Category III horror! As the publisher never completed the book, here's my self-published chapter for your enjoyment!

Hong Kong cinema is widely known for its high-octane Martial Arts and action titles. However, any hardcore fan will testify to the fact that this eclectic market has produced a great deal more! While countries like Japan and South Korea are better recognised for their horror exports, Hong Kong has dipped into its own, unnerving interpretations of the horror genre. When addressing horror movies in Hong Kong, the phrase 'Category III' almost immediately shifts to the forefront of discussion. Rarely a production hub to be subdued in its bold statements, Hong Kong horror took the boundaries of typical filmmaking conventions and tore them apart. Here, I look back on 10 great titles from the genre...

Download my PDF chapter here!