RIP Wu Ma (1942-2014)

I was very sad to hear about the passing of iconic Hong Kong actor Wu Ma. Words like "icon" and "legend" are often thrown around but very rarely do they truly resonate.

However, he was a genuine figure of the Hong Kong film industry and built an exceptional and long-spanning career, even by immense HK career standards, which often span literally hundreds of films. I always enjoyed catching him in pretty much any size role in many Hong Kong action and comedy classics - whether playing a lead or simply cropping up in a brief cameo.

Did you know he worked on around 180 films as an actor and 38 films as a director? Notable titles would have to include A Chinese Ghost Story, Righting Wrongs, High Risk (aka Meltdown) and a great cameo in Encounters of the Spooky Kind playing a zombie who is unknowingly re-animated by Sammo Hung!