Rediscover Jet Li's Golden Era


Since the demise of Hong Kong Legends, quality releases showcasing our favourite Hong Kong action classics have been less easy to come by. For those of us who treasured the HKL titles and high quality DVDs, it puts into perspective how other releases (from many other distributors) often pale in comparison. Courtesy of Cine-Asia, many of these previously deleted, out-of-print titles have been given a new lease of life and the latest batch comes in the form of the Jet Li classics, the Once Upon a Time in China trilogy and The Master. For anyone who hasn't experienced the true, old-skool artistry of Wushu master and action legend, Jet Li, these films offer the chance to discover the work of a true icon. These films have timeless cinematic appeal, plus the DVDs are packed with the excellent special features HKL became renowned for. And for newer fans who may have only caught recent (albeit very good) titles like Romeo Must Die, Hero or Fearless, you owe it yourself to pick these up and see why Hong Kong is the ultimate encyclopedia of action cinema.

Once Upon A Time In China (1991) Inspired by Sergio Leone's 'Once Upon A Time In The West', very few Hong Kong movies can match this pedigree. Directed by legendary veteran Tsui Hark and featuring the devastating physical talents of Jet Li, this cinematic jewel took $30 million at the Hong Kong box-office, won every award imaginable and played at New York cinemas continuously for 18 months! Once Upon A Time In China recounts the adventures of legendary martial arts master Wong Fei Hung, as he battles ruthless imperialist forces determined to subjugate his country with a terrifying new weapon; the gun...

Once Upon A Time In China - Part 2 (1992) In this sequel, martial arts expert Wong Fei-Hung (Jet Li) faces Kung, a mercenary rival with skills to equal his own. In addition, Canton is convulsed by a struggle between the local representatives of the Chinese government and Europeans who want to control China and Wong ends up in the middle of this fight. The climatic shipboard fight sequences are classic and Jet faces off against action legend, Donnie Yen!

Once Upon A Time In China - Part 3 (1993) World-wide superstar Jet Li kicks into action when he reprises his role as martial arts master Wong Fei-Hung. When he and his trusted sidekick Leung Fun arrive in Peking, they're just in time for the Empress-sponsored Lion King martial arts contest. But first, Wong Fei-Hung must win back his secret love, Yee, from the nefarious Russian diplomat-turned spy Tumanovsky, who has a secret plan to assassinate the President. Now, fists and feet will fly as Wong Fei-Hung tries to foil the assassination attempt, defeat his awesome rival, Club Foot, triumph over the untrustworthy Chung and win the Lion King contest in this gravity defying, non-stop action adventure!

The Master (1992) Uncle Tak, a wise Chinese sifu skilled in the art of herbal healing and a noble fighter in the tradition of the legendary Wong Fei Hong, takes his show on the road to Los Angeles. Trouble soon arrives in the form of a renegade student with a vendetta, but Jet, Tak's loyal protege from Hong Kong soon comes to offer help, with a battle now looming on the horizon.

These films are available to own on DVD from 27 February from Cine Asia