Martial Arts Illustrated: Mark Strange interview

Mark Strange MAI May 2012

This is an interview I wrote for Martial Arts Illustrated. Mark Strange is a household name to the UK Martial Arts crowd. He is an action actor who previously competed internationally and even earned titles as the Euro-British Full Contact Champion and MAI National Chinese Forms Champion before starting a new career in the movies. Having appeared in films like The Medallion, Twins Effect and Batman Begins, he would go on to star in Displaced, 12 and Bodyguard: A New Beginning.

With new projects on the cards, he is also preparing for his next big film with director, Chee Keong Cheung (12, Bodyguard: A New Beginning), rumoured to be his most physically demanding to date. Plus, Mark will be one of the main guests at Seni – The International Combat Sports Show at ExCel London in June! Mark was kind enough to discuss his latest projects, his rigorous training programme and forthcoming appearance at one of the most highly regarded Martial Arts events in the UK, attracting over 25,000 fans!

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