My New Book "Life of Action" Announced


I have just announced my new book is called "Life of Action" and will feature candid interviews with some of the very best men and women in the Action and Martial Arts movie world on their lives and careers. It will be released as a paperback and e-book in late 2014, with more info to follow soon. Here's my full announcement which went live on the book's new Facebook fan page:

"Since I was a young kid I’ve been crazy about films and specifically action movies. For me, films have always been a big deal as they gave me huge inspiration in many areas of my life. I don’t believe anyone’s ever looked as cool as they have on film. It captures style, energy, attitude and talent in a single shot. Looking up to my action idols made me first hit the gym, begin training and aspire to achieve more and more from myself. 

I first began writing about films because I had this passion and wanted to share it with everyone. I was always keen to promote great work from the men and women out there kicking ass and making it happen. Through this journey writing for various magazines and websites I was able to interview a lot of great names in the business and hear about their experiences first hand. One thing really struck me; the passion, dedication and intelligence held by many in a genre generally dismissed as a form of dumbed down entertainment. Of course, I always knew these guys were smart and hardworking but I was surprised and occasionally offended that more people didn't appreciate how this business and genre is tougher, testing and more gruelling than most. Plus, it attracts some of the bravest actors, filmmakers and stunt performers in the field. I found their stories interesting, insightful and inspiring and this formed the premise of the book. 

As I started on my own journey in film having worked on a few movies, I soon found their wisdom all the more relevant. Whether you’re already in the business yourself, starting out in your chosen field or simply a die-hard action fan, I think there’s a lot to be learned from the incredible journey these people have taken to get where they are today. And I strongly believe with a good attitude and solid work ethic we can all make a mark in our own way."

Every week on the Facebook fan page I'll be announcing a new person who features in the book. And yes, as per the picture above I'm proud to announce British Action Star, Scott Adkins (Undisputed II & III, The Expendables 2), as the first name in the list!

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Thanks for your support!