Movies That Inspired Life of Action

Over on the Life of Action Facebook page, we've been celebrating the great movies which inspired the book. I think it’s crucially important to acknowledge specific work, as well as the artists who made it happen. I also hope the book encourages people to re-visit, or see for the first time, certain films in a new light or with fresh insight, as this was definitely my aim.

Titles like Undisputed II and III changed the Martial Arts movie landscape, especially in the West, and set the bar seriously high. And, like other fans, I genuinely can't wait to see what they do next in Undisputed IV.

With Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, what this team managed to achieve on an indie budget outside the studio system, while delivering the most engrossing, exciting and faithful live-action SF adaptation, is remarkable. Certainly worth revisiting and studying closely in anticipation for the much-awaited Street Fighter: World Warrior!

Which other movies, new and old, inspired the book?

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