Interviews Referenced in Undefeatable Commentary


I was very pleased and honoured that my interviews with actors, Don Niam and John Miller II, were heavily referenced for the latest film commentary from the well-established Podcast on Fire team. Their new commentary for B-movie Martial Arts favourite, Undefeatable, starring Cynthia Rothrock, is well worth checking out and offers some interesting comments and discussion points! Thanks for including me guys!

"Joined by Tom Kent-Williams and David Harris, Kenneth Brorsson tackles Godfrey Ho’s B-movie actioner that survived: Undefeatable. Cynthia Rothrock kicking butt flanked by kung-fu fighting cop and Don Niam (and mullet) tear it up Hong Kong style which means this one will have a perfect blend of eyebrow raising, good, mad fun!"

Click here for part 1 of the YouTube Edition

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