Interview with Kung Fu Movie Guide

Here's a new, in-depth interview I did with Kung Fu Movie Guide discussing many topics including my book, Life of Action, action genre trends, working with Scott Adkins, the legacy of Darren Shahlavi and more. Thanks for the opportunity and support!

They wrote: "Life of Action is the first book by film journalist Mike Fury. It’s a detailed analysis of action cinema told by some of the genre’s most famous names and features interviews with stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, directors and actors based around the world. The book includes biographical information and comments from leading industry figures like Donnie Yen, Dolph Lundgren, Tsui Hark, Cynthia Rothrock, Andy Lau and Scott Adkins, and acts to highlight the skill, determination and creativity required when working in this much-maligned genre. We caught up with Mike to discuss his love of action movies and what he hopes to achieve by writing the book..."

Read the full interview here!