Interview with Action Director, Leo Au-Yeung - Jade Screen


leo and sammoLeo Au-Yeung is a renowned Wing Chun Master with the unique credentials of being the only appointed Wing Chun instructor for the hugely popular Ip Man movies. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Leo later travelled to the UK to study at University. As a heavily devoted practitioner of Wing Chun, he was able to train under some of the best instructors in the world today. It was through his connections and impressive teaching abilities he was invited to assist Sammo Hung on the original blockbuster, Ip Man, working as the Wing Chun Consultant and Assistant Action Director, and step up as one of the Action Directors on the prequel, The Legend is Born: Ip Man. Leo was kind enough to share his experiences working on these films and even offers some early news on Ip Man 3!

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