Happy Birthday Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

I'd like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the late, great Bruce Lee. While being a cultural icon and popular figure (the Elvis Presley of Martial Arts if you will), it's important to also remember he is still an inspiration to many all over the world. Countless action stars, Martial Arts masters, even high-flying business leaders and others you wouldn't readily associate with action, have cited serious inspiration from Bruce. That's quite a feat.

He created some of the most groundbreaking Martial Arts movies of all time and devised revolutionary concepts and ideas that would continually challenge and inspire. Look at his camera tests, training footage, the way he performed for camera and, of course, the way he taught and channeled the art of Jeet Kune Do. Unrestricted by stuffy traditions and allegiances, he championed the very concept of breaking the chains... in all aspects of life! He did this as an actor, a teacher, a Martial Artist, a Chinese man and so on.

I've written about Bruce a great deal and have been inspired by his work since childhood. He made me want to train, become involved in film and expect more and more from myself, always challenging and never settling for less. Long may his legacy continue.

Here's a great official tribute video.