Filming Wrapped on The Verge


I have just wrapped on The Verge, a female-driven action short with a tight and simple premise. Really happy to be part of this one and had the chance to team up again with my good friend, actor, producer and stunt coordinator Mark Strange (Stan Lee's Lucky Man, 12). The Verge is a frantic action, sci-fi short film following three women fighting for survival on the edge of an ongoing apocalypse. In the basement of a derelict building, three young women wait to face the final test of a selection process. While a brutal storm grows threateningly outside, the challenge is revealed: they need to make it to the top floor of the building. Simple… if it wasn’t for the fact that only the first candidate to arrive will be “the chosen”.

Our trio suddenly engage in a desperate sprint that quickly turns into an ascendant race to the death. Blows, stabs, alliances and revelations splash the climb; violence rises at every floor, and when our one heroine finally gets to the top, she will that the prize they pursued is bigger than their lives.

I had a great time working with director Mark J. Blackman and the strong female cast including Megan Prescott (TV's Skins), Elizabeth Tan (TV's Coronation Street) and Crystal Clarke (Assassin's Creed), plus an excellent crew, all of whom worked very hard. It was an ambitious shoot and well worth it. Stay tuned for more news soon.

You can keep up to date on the film through the Facebook and Twitter pages.