Donnie Yen: The Wing Chun Connection - Jade Screen



This was an interesting piece because other than being a huge Donnie Yen fan and loving the Ip Man movies, I trained in Wing Chun for a number of years so it brought a lot of interests together!

Regardless of the specific Martial Arts styles on show in his work, action legend Donnie Yen has always demonstrated immense commitment to the physical role, spending months training for film and preparing to ensure the best performance possible. This level of work can be seen in titles like Once Upon a Time in China II or Flashpoint, the latter of which was forged through months of MMA training and study to create the film's blistering action sequences. It is no surprise to find that a star like Donnie Yen has a long-spanning allegiance and fascination with the Wing Chun system, demonstarted by the countless times he has tackled the system through the Fist of Fury TV series, Ip Man movies and, most recently, Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen...

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