Albert Pyun Career Celebration

I found this to be a really nice and moving tribute to a hugely underrated career. Director Albert Pyun has always gone against the grain and for fans and anyone who has followed his career, you'll agree it's always been an uphill struggle!

Mr. Pyun will sadly be retiring having been diagnosed with MS and his fans are rallying to create the ultimate screening event as a tribute to his work and career. If you're fan of his work, take a look and get involved!

You can check out the Indiegogo page here

Albert Pyun's detractors have said "Who keeps hiring this guy? He ruins movies" 

Nobody hires Albert Pyun  He creates his movies from first thought to delivery. He raises his own financing but never manages to raise enough to make the movie he envisions.  One film critic said it best:  "Albert Pyun's inimitable style is Shoot really fast before you run out of money".  

But those of us who love his movies love them just as much for the punishment he took to get them to us. His single interest since he was 10 years old was to make movies no matter what he must endure. 

Still he always hoped for a decent budget and to be able to screen his films in a decent venue to a full capacity audience. 

That's what this campaign is about. Now that Albert has MS and cannot keep working, his friends and fans want to fulfill Albert's dream to screen a film he's proud of to a full house of all the artists he's worked with over the years, and for his fans and friends. 


What can I say?

I've been a fan of fan of his work for many years. Some of my favourites have included Cyborg, Kickboxer 2, Nemesis and Heatseeker. I love the fact that he's released director's cuts of his original work and there was always more to the picture than most people knew.

He worked hard, never got the best reception for his efforts, but he gave many action careers a boost and showed how creative filmmakers can do a lot with relatively little. This is a career which should be acknowledged and the proposed screening event would be a very fitting tribute. Support it if you can!