5 Video Games Which Need a Film Reboot


Okay... so we've all seen the movies based on video games which didn't live up to expectation. Unfortunately it seems to be the norm. But I don't want to rant about the worst (and there are plenty of other lists like that out there!). Following a lot of conversations I've had, I've been thinking about some of the best games which could make genuinely solid movies. We've heard announcements about Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed but what about the others? To get the ball rolling I've only picked five here which I feel could work, but if you have other ideas please add them to the comments box below! There's so much great writing, story-telling, voice acting and creative talent seen in games it's a real shame when this same care doesn't translate to the screen. Here's hoping it can change.

Call of Duty

Currently the biggest selling video game franchise in the world so aside from sales rivalling even the biggest Hollywood hits, the audience is obviously huge. Thanks to the epic scale, stunning graphics, interweaving narrative and A-list voice talent, it's easy to imagine the series become a major new film franchise. One of my favourites for movie adaptation would be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, with arguably one of the most gripping stories and finales of the whole series. It would be exciting to see a new evolution of the whole series and some of it's popular characters played out in cinema. This could be a new kind of war film.

Metal Gear Solid

This franchise set the standrad for stealth action games and remains one of the most enduring and popular of all time. The lead character of Solid Snake has also become a long-time favourite of gaming culture. In the original story, when a nuclear waste disposal facility is taken over in a raid by members of a well-trained anti-terrorist squad, the retired Solid Snake must bring the rogue operatives to justice with only 19 hours on the clock. It's weird to think a movie version hasn't even happened yet, but it's not like they haven't tried! Apparently creator Hideo Kojima has always been reluctant and turned down numerous film offers in the past (not surprising given the track record of adaptations). But with the right balance of narrative, style and heart-stopping action, a gaming franchise of this calibre could restore the faith.

Rainbow Six

With Tom Clancy's best-selling novels creating the perfect platform for a series of ground-breaking action video games, it's hard to imagine why this hasn't expanded further. Following a fictional counter-terrorism team on their globe-trotting missions and blending political thriller with dynamic action, if done right this could be a top film - successfully carrying the series into new territory. Plus, with Tom Clancy's work already well established in cinema, the progression seems natural.

Gears of War

In this hit, Blockbusting mix of action and horror, war hero Marcus Fenix leads his tight-knit team against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet. The fate of humankind is in their hands. With testosterone-pumping action, relentless blood 'n guts and cracking one liners, this could be a big screen adaptation to please the masses. In fact a whole series could even be on the cards as the long-drawn battle evolves and the team ensemble each come into their own, as seen in the game.

Sleeping Dogs

Just take a look at the viral videos and cinematic trailers for this lively sandox actioner and the feature film possibilites are right there. This game blended GTA style free-roaming gameplay, dynamic and fluid Martial Arts action and numerous references to Hong Kong cinema. The result is a stylish mash-up which tastes like a modern day version of A Better Tomorrow or The Killer fronted by Donnie Yen! In the story, undercover cop Wei Shen is assigned to take down the Hong Kong Triads from within and becomes immersed in the violent struggle for power, loyalty and greed. A movie would be fantastic!