5 Reasons Dolph Lundgren Still Kicks Ass!


Action fans around the world will universally agree that Dolph Lundgren is the man! Whether it's Universal Soldier, Red Scorpion, Men of War or Showdown in Little Tokyo that ranks top of your list, Sweden's ultimate He-Man (literally) has always been a consistent fan favourite. The best news is he's still kicking ass to this very day! With some of his grittiest, most gutsy action projects released in the past few years and plenty of exciting titles on the way (not to mention a role in every action-junkie's wet dream, The Expendables), here are 5 reasons to make sure that, even with all the great stuff we're seeing on the filmmaking horizon, Dolph is definitely someone to keep on your radars!

1. He's a great filmmaker

Performing great action is one thing, but to simultaneously construct the story and it's action sequences from a visual standpoint takes a very special talent. Stallone did it too! Any fans who saw Dolph's recent directorial efforts like The Mechanik and Command Performance will no doubt recall the grainy, aggressive filming style and realistic handling of the action, carefully layered over the dramatic cornerstones of the story and characters. This is the mark of a very strong director!

2. He's still hard as nails

In short, the man looks great! In his fifties, he's proving he can still slug it out with the best and to this day performs most of his own stunts. As your go-to man for action and relentless onscreen carnage, what more do you need?

3. He's a good actor

One aspect that always drives the physical side is, of course, the ability to embody the beaten, wartorn character of the story. Dolph brings a great presence to his roles and steps into battle-scarred soldier mode blended with unstoppable badass in unsettling harmony. Other action stars should care this much about their roles! In Universal Soldier: Regeneration, his character clocked the least screen time out of the 3 main stars but ranked, by far, as one of the most terrifying psychopaths in recent genre memory.

4. His films are still fun

Unlike some of the DTV efforts of other action stars of the same generation, Dolph's films are never dull, always action-packed and often deliver something new. Whether it's seen in the story, characters, setting or the specific style of action on display, he makes the movies as exciting and different as they can be.

5. He's grown as a star

All these points, combined with his recent growing profile courtesy of The Expendables franchise and other forthcoming work, Dolph has proven he's far from done. As old-school fans eagerly await these latest titles, here's hoping the big man scoops up plenty of new fans, glued to their seats as he kicks serious ass alongside Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and a whole host of other action legends.